Term Dates 2017

The Dance Studio follows the Victorian government school terms:

Term 1

Mon 30th Jan – Sat 1st April

Term 2

Tues 18th April – Sat 1st July

Term 3

Mon 17 July – Sat 23 Sept

Term 4

9 Oct – Sat 9 Dec (concert day)

Open Week Dates 2017

Parents are invited to watch the last class of each term so that they can see their child’s progress and also to give the children an opportunity to perform what they have been learning.  Our open weeks are not open to the general public. If you would like to join the school we recommend booking some trial classes.


  • Term One: Mon 27th March to Sat 1st April
  • Term Two: Mon 22nd May to Sat 27th May
  • Term Three: Mon 21st August to Sat 26th Aug
  • Term Four: Mon 13th Nov to Sat 18th Nov (Baby Toes and Preliminary 1 only)

* Senior school students do not have open week in Term 4 due to concert preparations

Examination Dates 2017


Levels 1 – 6

Entry closing date: Saturday 18th March

Examination date: Sunday 4th June


Primary & Progressions:

Entry closing date: Saturday 29th April

Examination date: Sunday 13th August


Internal Assessments:

Entry closing date: Saturday 29th April

Examination date: Sunday 13th August


Primary & Graded Examinations

Entry closing date: Saturday 1st April

Mock exams: 13th & 14th July

Examination dates: July/August 2017


Vocational Examinations

Taken in Autumn/Spring by invitation.

Annual Concerts 2017

All concerts are held at The Besen Centre Mt Scopus College, 87-89 Station Street, Burwood.

Baby Toes


Saturday 23rd of July 2017

Students enrolled in all Baby Toes and Preliminary 1 Classes

Senior School


Saturday 9th December, 2017

Students from Preliminary 2 upwards


Dress Rehearsals

Sunday 19th November, 2017 &

Sunday 26th November, 2017


Theatre Rehearsals

Tuesday 5th + Thursday 7th  December from 4.30pm &

Saturday 9th December from 8.30am (morning of the concert)

Annual School Photos 2017

Baby Toes Photo Day

Friday 21st July, 2017

Senior School Photo Day

Saturday 2nd December, 2017

Choreographic Workshop + Mini Vocal Showcase 2017

Each year HSOD holds a Choreographic Workshop Display, which is a great opportunity for our students to express their ideas and talents through their own choreography in a fun and friendly environment at our studios in Surrey Hills.

Performance date: Saturday 2nd September, 2017